The Family of Woman Film Festival had an amazing week because we were able to share the power, passion, and spirit of the women featured in this year’s films. We applaud our friends and community for making this year’s Family of Woman Film Festival a dream come true.

– Peggy Elliott Goldwyn, Director


Boise State University

I Have a Dream – Idaho

Peggy Elliott Goldwyn

Ken and Joyce Lewis – in support of “I Have a Dream” Foundation-Idaho


Boise State Public Radio

Ann Down

Friesen Gallery

Donna & Jon Gerstenfeld

Susan & David Haas

Hermoine Foundation

Ketchum Grill

Barbara Thrasher and Rick Koffey

Marcia & Donald Liebich

The Lobster

Nancy and Carl Lothringer

Jim and Susan McGuigan

Jeanne Meyers

Laurie and Mike Nathan

Carol Nie

Alan and Wendy Pesky

Carlyn Ring

Chandler’s Steakhouse

Warfield Distillery & Brewery

Maryanne & Gerald Whitcomb


Cox Communications

Peco Foundation

Sun Valley Resort

Limelight Hotel

Peter, Cody and Jessie Curran

Lisa and Michael Anderson


Richard Smooke and Family


Helen Bergenfeld

Susan and Bruce Bistline

Susan Blair

Alice and John Calvert

Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander

Rotary Club of Hailey

Inger Johanson

Gail Landis & Victor Bernstein

Kathie Levinson

Scott McLean, MD

Gail and Rhys Wilkie



Sharon Davies and Terry Reid – Davies Reid

The Grove Hotel

JRM Foundation

Knob Hill Inn

Beena and Fahim Rahim

Amna and Naaem Rahim

Connie Smith

Sally and Mark Onetto

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest
& Hawaiian Islands

Denise and Peter Merlone


Karen Feenberg

Susan Passovoy

Frances E. Streit Foundation

Jane Wyler


Dorie Adams

The Advocates ETC’s, Advisor: Heidi Cook

Amnesty International at Wood River High School, Faculty Advisor: Eleanor Jewett

Leyla Ba  

Boise Film Foundation

Atkinsons’ Markets

Kerry Brokaw

Steven D Brown

Deborah Burns

Business as Usual

Mark Caraluzzi

Tracey Caraluzzi

Katja Casson

Chapter One Bookstore

Pam Colesworthy

The Community Library

Elizabeth Corker

Denise deLisser

Pia Girdler

Mary Clare Griffen

Gabe Griffen

“I Have a Dream” Foundation Idaho, Program Director: Pamela Donoso

Rick Kessler

Sally Leath

Kelli Lusk

Magic Lantern Cinemas

Rebecca Michael

Adele Miller

Lydia Missal

Linda Brower Nicholson

Nosotros United at Wood River High School, Faculty Advisor: Michel Sewell

Planned Parenthood Teen Council, Advisor: Carlye Sayler

Gina Poole

Colleen Riali

Carlye Sayler

Mary Santosuosso

Laurie Strand

Tyia Wilson

Lyrarakis Wines

Wood River High School Amnesty International Club

Gail Wray



Big Wood Bread / Cristina’s / Despos / Galena Lodge / Gather Yoga / Ginger Sweet / Glow Live Food Cafe / Grumpy’s / Java / Johnny G’s / KB’s / Ketchum Grill / Limelight Hotel / Maude’s / Nourish Me / Ozzie’s Shoes / Perry’s / Pioneer Saloon / Rasberrys / Rico’s Authentic Italian / Sawtooth Club / Sun Valley Wine Company / Sushi on Second / The Haven / Warfield Distillery & Brewery

Peggy Elliott Goldwyn – Director / Robyn Watson – Event Coordinator / Sabina Dana Plasse – Media & Press Relations / John Plummer – Video Production / Kendall Nelson – Photographer / Lynn Pattnosh & Lanette Palmer – Volunteer Coordinators / Jami Delgado – Educational Outreach / Wendy Muir – Business Outreach / Crown Union – Graphic Design