Bonni Curran
Bonni Curran


Each year, the Festival opens with a lecture by an internationally acclaimed advocate for women and girls.  In 2014, it was named in honor of Bonni Curran, who was tragically killed in an accident in 2013.  Bonni was a physician, loving mother and wife, and not only a prominent local philanthropist, but deeply committed to working on behalf of women and children around the world.  She had been a supporter of the Festival from its inception. In honoring her memory each year, we are reminded of the impact she had on our community and how much we miss her presence.

The inaugural memorial lecture in 2014 was given by Meagan Fallone Carnahan, head of Global Strategy for Barefoot College in India.

Tuesday, February 27, at 6:30 p.m.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Ketchum

*Free to the public

Maria Cavalcanti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pro Mujer will open the Festival with the presentation of the annual Bonni Curran Memorial Lecture for the Health and Dignity of Women at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m. The lecture is free to the public.

The mission of Pro Mujer is to provide poor women in Latin America with the means to build livelihoods for themselves and futures for their families through microfinance, business training and health care support. Latin America has the highest rates of income inequality in the world. Women experience overwhelming levels of gender-based violence, chronic health problems and discrimination. The organization currently operates in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua.

Cavalcanti has more than 25 years of professional experience advancing women and working with a wide range of business and non-profit organizations across Latin America as well as in the U.S., Western Europe and India. Visit for more information. Her lecture will focus on the 2018 Festival theme, “Women on the Margins.”