Filmmaker Retrospective

Jennifer Redfearn will present her documentary, “Sun Come Up” (New Guinea, 75 min.). In 2009, the people living in the Cateret Islands of New Guinea faced a crisis as rising seawaters began to shrink the atoll ring that was their home. In a meeting called by this closely-knit culture, both women and men have a voice. Ursula Rakova, selected as relocation leader, picks a young man and a young woman to accompany her as she sets out by boat to find new shores to preserve their past and future. As the trio make their way through the string of the Bouganville Islands, they are met with rejection from communities with no precious land to spare. But Ursula will not accept defeat, imbuing her determination in her two pupils, the leaders of Cateret’s future. When Ursula and her companions finally receive a friendly welcome on the island of Tinoutz, the people of Cateret will become the first environmental refugees. Movie Trailer.

Jennifer Redfearn

Wednesday, February 28

Filmmaker Retrospective “Sun Come Up”

6pm – The Community Library

*Free to the public