• Filmmaker Retrospective: “Sun Come Up”

    Synopsis In 2009, the people living in the Cateret Islands of New Guinea faced a crisis as rising seawaters began to shrink the atoll ring that was their home. In a meeting called by this closely-knit culture, both women [...]
    by npawliw
  • Mama Colonel

    Synopsis Director Dieudo Hamadi, a rising star among African nonfiction filmmakers, focuses on a remarkable and unflappable woman, Colonel Honorine Munyole, head of a special national police unit charged with the protection of women and children in The Democratic [...]
    by Free Lance
  • Tocando La Luz (Touch the Light)

    Synopsis Milly is in love and looking forward to marriage and a family. Lis is a gifted young singer. Margarita is an elderly widow with fond memories of a long marriage. All three live in Havana and all are [...]
    by Free Lance
  • Poetry

    Synopsis Mija has just been told by her doctor that she is in the early stages of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Living in a provincial South Korean city and working as a housemaid, she is raising her teen-age grandson while [...]
    by Free Lance
  • Sami Blood

    Synopsis Written and directed by Amanda Kernell, and based on the life of her grandmother, this debut film explores the life of Elle-Marja, a 14 year-old indigenous Sami girl (also know as Lapps) who lives in Northern Scandinavia and [...]
    by Free Lance
  • In Syria (Insyriated)

    Synopsis Locked inside an apartment with the door barricaded from the inside, a Syrian woman tries to protect her household from the raging war just outside her covered windows. Her elderly father-in-law stoically observes the chaos from behind the [...]
    by Free Lance
  • Girls’ War

    Synopsis On the anniversary of the death of Sakine Cansiz, co-founder and leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party and the Patriotic Women’s Association, thousands of Kurds and feminists across Europe march chanting, “Women, Life, Freedom.” In a culture where [...]
    by Free Lance