Point of View (POV) History

The Family of Woman Film Festival presented its inaugural POV Breakfast sessions in 2015. This feature was created to give donors of $500 and above an opportunity to engage in informal conversations with unique leaders, who are making a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world.

2018 Speakers

Dr. Henia Dakkak

Dr. Henia Dakkak, Senior Advisor at the Humanitarian and Fragile Contexts Branch of the Programme Division of The United Nations Population Fund.

Susan Sygall

Susan Sygall, MacArthur Fellow and CEO and Founder of Mobility International USA (MIUSA) was a scheduled POV breakfast speaker, whose appearance was cancelled due to a snowstorm.

2017 Speakers

Yemurai NyoniYemurai Nyoni

Yemurai Nyoni has been a youth family planning ambassador for The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Zimbabwe.

Muhammad Shahzad

Muhammad Shahzad

Muhammad Shahzad is the founder and executive director of Chanan Development Association, a national youth-led organization founded in 2004.

2016 Speakers


Sarah Costa

Sarah Costa is the Executive Director of the Women’s Refugee Commission.


Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair is a Pulitzer Prize-winning international photojournalist, acclaimed for her coverage of the human toll of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her “Too Young to Wed” series has led to her creation of a non-profit to protect girls’ rights and end child marriage.

2015 Speakers

Elizabeth Scharpf

Elizabeth Scharpf

Elizabeth Scharpf, Founder of sustainable Health Enterprises, a social enterprise addresses girls’ and women’s lack of access to affordable menstrual pads in Africa, Asia and South America.

Jennah Scott

Jennah Scott

Jennah Scott, Director of the Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat in the Office of the President of Liberia.